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The banner image is ‘Night’ by Edward Okun, 1905. The Uruk Vase above shows the goddess Innana receiving offerings of pomegranates, c. 3,200-3,000 BCE.

Welcome to Golden Pomegranate Tarot

If you are interested in reading about Tarot and the Tree of Life, Qabalah, and the Thoth Tarot, then this is the place for you. The goldenpomtree blog is where I look deeply into invidual cards, how to work with Tarot and the Tree of Life more generally, and also review (mostly Qabalah-related) decks.

Here are a few of my most recent blog titles: ‘Turning The World Upside-Down: The Thoth Tarot from a new perspective’, ‘Kether Rising: The Presence of Divinity on the Tree of Life’, ‘”Tzaddi is not the Star”: Clash of the Titans’, and ‘Trump XVI: Eye in the Sky’. You can also find posts that offer tips on how to use the Tree of Life in your own work, for example ‘Court Cards and the Zodiac Wheel’ and ‘The Thoth Tarot and Your Birth Cards’. Have a look through! You can find links to my most recent posts below.


a blog about the tree of life and tarot

Beltane and the 6 of Disks
Beltane and the 6 of Disks

You might think that a card from the suit of Wands would rule the decan of May that included Beltane. It’s such a fiery energy, after all. And I expected to find that it was ruled by a 2 or 3, since Beltane is often described as being the start of summer. So, 2 or 3...

The Alchemical Bee
The Alchemical Bee

Everyone likes bees these days and it’s a good thing because they are so central to our survival on the planet. But even before we knew about their role in pollination around the world, people still thought of them as useful little creatures, working hard and in...

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