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General Readings


Choices, choices! There are a lot of tarot readers out there, so why would you choose me?

If you would like a tarot reading that incorporates the Tree of Life and Qabalah, in a down-to-earth way that gives in-depth perpsective and practical advice, then I might be the reader for you. You can have a look at my posts on Instagram to see how I work with the Tree of Life to create a meaningful reading from the positions of the cards and their relationship to each other.

We can also work with your birth cards – your Major/s, your Minor, and your Court Card, and your Major for the current year – if they relate to your question.

 Tarot works for every area of your life: home, work, spirit, and relationships. If you have a question you’d like to discuss with me, or would like more information on how I read, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can click the button below, or the Contact me link in the top menu. 


The card to the left is The Lovers from the Thoth Tarot. It is the Card of the Year for 2022. 



What you can Expect


When you email me about a reading:

1. First tell me what you are curious about, and let me reply and confirm that I am able to do your reading. I aim to have readings completed within 24 hours.

2. When I confirm with you, then please let me know in detail what’s on your mind. Yes, please give me background, and also what you hope will happen in the situation (your goals are important for the advice you will receive).

Once we have agreed on your reading, you can make your payment via Paypal, and then I will get to work.

3. I will answer questions about your reading to make sure that the message is very clear, and to ensure you know what your advice is.

4. For an additional £15/$22, I can draw one additional card to answer one follow-up question about your reading. This question needs to be based on your original spread, to perhaps get more information on something that intrigues you. Sometimes what feels like a follow-up question actually requires a whole new reading, so please email me with your follow-up question before making payment.

5. You will receive a full-colour pdf of your min. 1,000-word reading with pictures of the cards I drew for you. 

6. Because I start readings immediately and spend between two and three hours on each one, please note that I am unable to offer refunds, except in cases where I am unable to do your reading in the agreed amount of time.


The painting to the left is ‘Prosperpine’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874.

Please note: tarot readings should be viewed as “entertainment” only; it does not substitute for the consultation of medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals. This reading is not legally binding. You can read the Terms & Conditions via a link at the bottom of every page.

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